whitetailed buck at SFWS deer research lab

Wildlife Management

The College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment Wildlife Management faculty are global leaders in the development of science-based information that is used to manage wildlife species across the globe.  From game species such as white-tailed deer and wild turkeys to invasive and pest species such as coyotes and wild pigs, the program’s research is centered on the development of tools, technologies, and strategies to more efficiently and effectively manage these species.  Common areas of research include habitat enhancement, impacts of and control options for invasive species, and management of game species.

Not only do our faculty conduct research on critical wildlife management topics in the Southeast, but they are globally-recognized for their contributions to the wildlife management field.  They are involved in invasive species management on Pacific islands to the control of wild pig populations in not only Alabama, but Asia and Africa as well.  The program’s one-of-a-kind deer research facility is nationally recognized as a hotbed for white-tailed deer research.  Working with a wide variety of wildlife management partners both in Alabama and across the globe, our faculty are paving the way for more sustainable management of wildlife.