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graduate students outside sfws building after graduation

Student Life

We believe that academic studies are just one part of a student’s life and that being socially active, whether through cultural or recreation activities, travel abroad opportunities, or in service to others through student clubs and organizations, will help you to have a rewarding and enjoyable college experience.

There are many exciting opportunities for you to meet others, learn new skills, and expose yourself to new ideas and perspectives that will help you to grow while achieving a work/life balance. In addition, your potential employers will view extracurricular activities and volunteer service as important testimony of your character, social skills, and ability to work effectively with others.

We encourage you to attend CFWE student events, volunteer for school activities, or participate in service projects on campus or around the community through Auburn’s IMPACT service organization.  To learn about upcoming events, view the AU and CFWE events calendar, read the This Week @ Auburn email for program announcements, or connect with a faculty advisor or a CFWE student club officer who can help you become involved.

We hope you will take full advantage of all that is available to you at Auburn!

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