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Student Testimonials

Brae Brukner, wildlife graduate

In addition to living and working with top forestry and wildlife scholars, students have the opportunity to work with a variety of state, corporate, and private entities during their summer practicum.  The summer provides a lot of networking opportunity. You get to work with the best ornithologists, the best herpetologists, and the top minds in today’s wildlife research.

Brae Buckner
B.S., Wildlife Ecology & Management
Gadsden, AL

Luke Carlson, forestry graduate

I would not have had the same experience these past four years had it not been for the generosity of our donors at the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Luke describes the support by the University as “unparalleled,” and is excited to begin his professional journey in forestry, where he will work hard to make a difference in people’s lives. Having spent years learning the scientific aspects of this work, he is excited to now apply his learning to actual practice. Luke is pursuing a career as a consulting forestry manager.

Luke Carlson
B.S., Forestry
PikeRoad, AL

Mignon Denton, NRM graduate

I chose the Natural Resources Management degree program because of the variety of choices it offers. It allows students to choose any minor and provided enough flexibility for me to shape a major that fit my interests.

Mignon Denton
B.S., Natural Resources Management
Dauphin Island, AL

pratima devkota

Pratima shares her experience participating at the Southeast Society of American Foresters conference where she received first place for her poster presentation, “I was deeply grateful to win the award, it added more to my self-motivation and encouraged me to make a positive impact on the forests of southern US with my research.”

Pratima Devkota
Ph.D. Candidate, Forestry

Matt George, wildlife graduate

Being involved in student clubs within the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences has allowed me to truly experience much of what this wonderful school has to offer. I have made countless professional contacts through my participation in The Wildlife Society and as a Student Ambassador. I believe that getting involved in student clubs and organizations is one of the most important things a student can do for his or her academic and professional careers.

Matt George
B.S., Wildlife Ecology & Management
Scranton, PA

sarah lessard

My major advisor, Dr. Morse has been a huge component of my success as a graduate student. He is readily available when I need assistance and continually offers guidance and advice. He has provided me with numerous opportunities to present my research at conferences across the United States. We will even travel to Italy this October to attend an international conference! His enthusiasm and interest in my research project is contagious, and I greatly appreciate his dedication and support. My graduate experience at Auburn would not have been the same without Dr. Morse!

Sarah Lessard

M.S., Natural Resources
Franklinton, LA
jennifer price tack

Regarding Jennifer’s attendance at a recent conference hosted in Kenya, she shares, “I had a very national view of my research before the conference, but through conversations with researchers and professionals from all over the globe, I now appreciate the broader applicability of my work and the work of others. It demonstrated that increased international dialogue can lead to quicker results and more tangible progress with regards to natural resource issues,” stated Jennifer.

Jennifer Price Tack
Ph.D. Candidate, Wildlife Sciences
Santa Barbara, CA

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