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CFWE research is conducted in partnership with nine affiliated research centers and cooperatives. With nearly 100 faculty members, research professionals and graduate students actively engaged in research within their diverse areas of study, the CFWE consistently ranks within the top two units on campus for extramural funding per faculty member. In terms of publication citations, 15% of CFWE faculty rank in the top 10% of all Auburn faculty and nearly 40% rank in the top 25%. Our research, which ranges from biological, ecological, and geospatial to socioeconomic and policy aspects of forestry, wildlife, and natural resources conservation, primarily focuses on creating a sustainable future for society and our environment.


We focus on the sustainable use and management of forest resources including ecological restoration, forest pathology and entomology, biomaterials and products, policy and economics, and operations.

wild boar

Wildlife Sciences

Our research seeks to develop knowledge to guide the sustainable management and use of wildlife and their habitats to assure healthy populations for current and future generations.

aerial view of housing water agriculture and forests

Ecosystems & Society

Highly relevant to the quality of people’s lives, our faculty’s research programs contribute to the development of policy and management strategies for land use, public health, the environment, and our natural resources.

professor in the lab with students

Faculty Resources & Support

Our faculty and graduate students benefit from a robust and comprehensive research environment, enriched with funding and resources to address critical natural resources issues.

Looking for a research partner?

Browse our research faculty directory to identify individuals working in areas of interest to you, or contact Dr. Daowei Zhang, Associate Dean of Research, via phone 334-844-1067 or email at

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