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This slider contains three images: stick built commercial construction project, corrugated packaging, and scientists handling biomass materials, including wood chips, pulp and nanocellulose compound.

Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging

Environmental concerns and evolving technologies are moving companies toward the use of sustainable forest biomaterial for everything from packaging, cosmetics, and automobiles to appliances, pharmaceuticals, and commercial construction. These developments are fueling an increased demand for professionals with expertise in biomass production, operational logistics, and conversion processes of products and packaging.

One of the only programs of its kind offered in the Southeastern U.S., the Sustainable Biomaterials and Packaging degree program is aimed at providing students with knowledge, expertise, and hands-on experience to prepare them for careers in:

  • Packaging Manufacturing
  • Product Development & Marketing
  • Biomaterials Research
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Distribution & Logistics

It is anticipated that biobased industries, which includes wood processing, construction, chemicals and energy, bioplastics, and packaging will be our next area of significant economic growth. Our graduates can anticipate abundant career opportunities that offer lucrative salaries and great personal reward as they contribute to the development and production of cost-effective sustainable solutions to global environmental problems.

Note: Students may incur laboratory, transportation, or other fees associated with labs and field experiences required for course credit.