Wildlife Enterprise Management

Economic expenditures for hunting and fishing are at an all-time high, and service sector businesses that specialize in providing hunting and fishing adventures have substantially increased in number worldwide.  These popular destinations for hunting and fishing enthusiasts are unique enterprises because their successful operation requires a balance among work activities associated with wildlife management and conservation, hospitality, and business.  The most successful hunting and fishing enterprises ensure that the consumptive use of wildlife and fishery resources meets the ethical standards of society while ensuring that the customer has the experience of a lifetime.

As demand for unique sporting experiences and adventures provided by outdoor enterprise continues to grow in the U.S. and around the world, graduates who are qualified in a biological field such as wildlife management and possess the foundational knowledge of business management, marketing and hospitality will be sought after to operate and manage client-focused, nature-based, for-profit businesses in roles such as:

  • hunting/shooting facility director
  • guide service coordinator
  • fishing resort manager
  • outdoor sport/adventure promoter

Auburn’s Wildlife Enterprise Management (WLEM) degree is one of only two such programs in the United States.  This cross-disciplinary degree program, founded on the basic principles of wildlife management, hospitality services, and business management, ensures that graduates are prepared for employment at any of thousands of hunting and fishing lodges, ranches, corporate retreat facilities, and other consumptive use facilities worldwide.

The degree is collaboratively taught by world-renowned faculty from the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment and the Colleges of Business and Human Sciences.  These faculty are not only educators, but are practitioners, researchers, and business leaders with expertise that transcends the classroom and brings the reality of the wildlife enterprise to the students.

Students will gain the necessary skill set required of graduates and access to a wide range of internship opportunities across the globe. This combination of innovative classroom instruction and real world experience assures graduates are able to take advantage of abundant career opportunities.

Note: Students may incur laboratory, transportation, or other fees associated with labs and field experiences required for course credit.