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The McCrary Institute

Charles McCrary ‘73 served as president and chief executive officer of Alabama Power Company, following a distinguished 40-year career with the company. His record of leadership and service to Alabama Power Company is widely recognized, and the impact of his work is undeniable. In recognition of Charles D. McCrary’s service and dedication to Auburn University’s three fold mission of education, research and extension, the Alabama Power Foundation established the Charles D. McCrary Institute at Auburn University.

Funding Objectives

The endowed fund for excellence is used to help support the establishment and programmatic initiatives of the Institute. Its objectives are to support interdisciplinary research which focuses its efforts on two important programmatic areas of discovery that are of critical concern for Alabama and the nation: (1) infrastructure security and protection and (2) natural resource development and conservation.


The earnings from the endowment provide sustained funding to support a professorship, support for faculty, graduate student fellowships and stipends, travel, equipment, or other current needs of the Institute in the area of natural resource development and conservation. Among other priorities related to infrastructure security and protection, the spendable portion of the endowment is intended to provide start-up support for outreach activities and integrated research in the areas of wildlife management and conservation, and forest management and environmental services.

Focus Areas

The College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences utilizes Institute funding as a seed source for leveraging extramural monies from industry, federal agencies, and private donors so that we may attempt to better understand the most appropriate pathways for restoring habitat for commercial wildlife and clarify the limitations and potential for development of natural resource-based environmental services in Alabama.

Research funding inquiries may be directed to:

College of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences
Attn: Dr. Daowei Zhang
Associate Dean of Research, Alumni and George W. Peake Professor
602 Duncan Drive
Auburn, AL 36849
Phone: 334-844-1067

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