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Strategic and Tactical Advancement Resource (STAR) Committee

The STAR Committee assists the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment (CFWE) in developing strategic initiatives to advance the CFWE’s academic, research, and extension/outreach platforms and elevate the college’s profile in the Southeast and beyond. The committee also assists the college in formulating and undertaking tactical steps to realize those strategic initiatives. More specifically, the committee and its members:

1.  Assist the college in establishing stakeholder partnerships.
2. Represent the college as spokespersons at high-level discussions.
3. Guide executive-level networking opportunities for faculty/staff/students.
4. Mobilize resources to undertake strategic initiatives.
5. Enhance and elevate the visibility and impact of the college.

The STAR Committee comprises industry leaders in forestry, wildlife, and natural resources within the U.S. Southeast. The current and past chairs of the Advisory Council and the CFWE dean serve as ex-officio committee members. Leaders are identified based on their experience, stature, and interest/availability to serve the college.

Would you like to serve as a STAR Committee member?

Contact the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment at: 334.844.1004 or

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