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everglads and housing development

everglads and housing development




The Center for Natural Resources Management on Military Lands

The Center for Natural Resources Management on Military Lands (CNRMML) supports natural resources management and research tasks on military installations.  CNRMML can be an efficient and effective partner for natural resource managers on military lands to rely on for a wide variety of natural resource tasks, including:

Prescribed Burn CRNMML

Prescribed burning

Prescribed burning can benefit ecosystems, reduce wildfire risks, and aid native vegetation regeneration, integral for sustainable natural resource management.

GIS mapping

Powerful technology for spatial data analysis, visualization, and decision-making, facilitating efficient resource management, planning, and environmental assessment.

Wildlife game management

Strategically create and maintain openings in natural areas, fostering diverse habitats to support game species populations.

CRNMML Site Prep

Site preparation and tree planting

Site preparation and tree planting can be crucial steps in sustainable forestry, ensuring the successful establishment, growth, and long-term health of planted trees for ecosystems.


Natural resource management planning

A strategic process for sustainable use, conservation, and restoration, balancing ecological health, societal needs, and economic considerations.

Timber Stand

Timber stand improvement

Forest management practice enhancing stand health, growth, and timber quality through selective thinning, promoting sustainable forestry practices.

Non-native Invasive Species Control CRNMML. Image courtesy of Enviroscience.

Non-native invasive species control

Aids in preserving ecosystems, preventing biodiversity loss, and mitigating environmental and economic impacts through targeted management strategies.

Endangered Species CRNMML

Threatened and endangered species surveys

Conducted to monitor populations, assess habitat, and inform conservation efforts for at-risk species, ensuring preservation.

Explosive ordinance disposal escort services

Provides vital protection and support, ensuring safe transportation and disposal of explosive materials in various contexts.

Tree Inventory CRNMML

Forest and urban tree inventory

Essential for assessing biodiversity, managing resources, and promoting sustainable environments through data-driven conservation and planning.

Ecological Modeling. Photo courtesy of NPS

Ecological modeling

Utilizes data to simulate ecosystems, aiding in understanding and predicting ecological processes, biodiversity patterns, and environmental changes.

Game species population and health assessment

Evaluates wildlife populations, habitat conditions, and disease prevalence, guiding effective conservation and sustainable management practices.

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