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Endowed Professorships

Dwain G. Luce Endowed Professor of Forestry

Alexander is a professor of forest fire and forest ecology. She received her BS in Biology from the University of Texas, her MS in Marine Science from the University of Texas, and her PhD in Biology from the University of Kentucky. Alexander is an expert in the areas of forest ecology, fire ecology, and disturbance ecology.

Li An

Solon & Martha Dixon Endowed Professor

An is a professor of landscape ecology, spatial modeling and simulation, and geographical information science. He earned his BS in Urban and Regional Planning (Economic Geography) from Peking University, China, an MS in Probability and Statistics from Michigan State University, an MS in Systems Ecology from Chinese Academy of Sciences, and his PhD in Systems Modeling (Fisheries and Wildlife) from Michigan State University. An is an expert in space-time representation, visualization, analysis, computation, and micro-level simulation of various human-earth systems.

Stephen Ditchkoff

William R. and Fay Ireland Distinguished Professor

Ditchkoff is a Professor of Wildlife Ecology and Management. He received his BS in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University, his MS in Wildlife Ecology from University of Maine, and his PhD in Wildlife and Fisheries Ecology from Oklahoma State University. Ditchkoff is an expert in reproductive ecology and management of large mammals and wildlife nutrition.

Tom Gallagher

Regions Professor in Forest Operations, Utilization,
Management and Economics

Gallagher became a professional forester in 1977 when graduated from New York State Ranger School. He then went on to earn a BS in Forest Technology from University of Maine at Orono in 1981 and his MS and PhD in Forestry from Virginia Tech. Gallagher has sixteen years experience with industry, including technical forester, wood procurement forester, and procurement analyst coordinating wood flow to a pulp mill and sawmill.

Latif Kalin

Clinton-McClure Professor

Kalin is the Assistant Director of the Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface. He received his BS in Civil Engineering from Middle East Technical University in Turkey and his MS and PhD in Civil Engineering from Purdue University. Kalin’s research foci and expertise is water quality/quantity modeling, including the study of pollutant removal in natural and constructed wetlands and land use/cover change impacts on water quality/quantity.


A Maggard

Harry E. Murphy Professor

Maggard is an Extension Specialist and Associate Professor of Forest Systems Management. He received a BS degree in Forest Resources and Conservation from University of Florida, a MS degree in Business Management from University of Florida, and a MS and PhD in Natural Resource Ecology and Management from Oklahoma State University. Maggard’s areas of expertise include financial and economic aspects of forest management and planning, optimizing the use of forest resources, multiple use management and sustainability, productivity of managed forest stands, business planning and management of timber, and non-timber forest products.

Mark Smith

Mosley Environmental Professor

Smith is an Associate Professor and Extension Specialist and serves as the Executive Secretary of the Mosley Environmental Awards Program. He received a BS in Fisheries and Wildlife from Michigan State University and an MS in Wildlife Science and a PhD in Forest Resources from Mississippi State University. Smith has expertise in outreach methodologies, management of invasive wild pigs, and wildlife habitat development.

Brian Via

Regions Professor of Forest Products

Via is a Professor and Director of the Forest Products Development Center. He earned his BS in Forest Products and his MS in Wood Engineering/Mechanics at Virginia Tech, and his PhD in Forest Material cChemometrics at Louisiana State University within the Agricultural and Mechanical College. Via is interested in new product development, nano-composites, the effects of wood quality on wood composite performance, and bio-composites.

Daowei Zhang

Alumni Professor
George W. Peake Professor

Zhang is University Alumni Professor of Forest Economics and Policy and director of the Forest Policy Center. He received a BS and MS degree from Southcentral Sci-Tec University of Forestry and Beijing Forestry University in Forest Science and Forest Economics, respectively, and his PhD in Forest Economics from the University of British Columbia. His research interests are the economic and policy aspects of natural resource management.

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