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Applications for the 2020 Summer Practicum are now being accepted!

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Attention Auburn University forestry and wildlife students! Applications for the 2020 Summer Practicum camp are now being accepted through February 21. Click on the link below to complete the Summer 2020 Practicum application.


Students who plan to attend Summer Practicum during Summer 2020 must complete the application by Feb. 21. Please keep in mind that admission to practicum is not automatic – students must meet the requirements to be accepted. Acceptance letters will go out in late February. Students will complete the medical form online after acceptance. Below are further details for each of the degree-specific camps.

Forestry Program:

Forestry students typically attend practicum between their sophomore and junior years and must have completed the following prerequisite courses by the end of Spring 2020 term:

  • English 1100 and 1120 (English Composition I and II)
  • Biology 1020/21 and 1030/31 (Principles of Biology and Organismal Biology)
  • Math 1130 (or above)
  • Statistics 2510

A 2.0 GPA or above is required. (A 2.0 GPA is a requirement for Auburn students. Transfer students must meet Auburn University Admissions criteria and be accepted with a minimum of 2.5 GPA.)


Wildlife Program:

Wildlife students typically attend practicum between their junior and senior years, and must have completed the following prerequisite courses by the end of Spring 2019 term:

  • WILD 3280
  • BIOL 3060
  • WILD 4400
  • WILD 5750
  • FORY 3100 (highly recommended)

At least one of the Taxon-specific elective courses.

A 2.0 GPA or above is required.


Important things for students to keep in mind:

  • Students will be notified by email in early March if they are accepted.
  • The mandatory Summer 2020 Practicum Orientation will be at 5 pm on Monday, March 30, in Room 2217.

Summer Practicum dates:

  • May 11- July 3 for Forestry students
  • May 11- June 19 for Wildlife students

Students will be required to pay for room and board fees, which includes meals. Forestry students will also need to purchase forestry supplies. Payment will be due the first day of practicum.

Wildlife students will register for eight credit hours and Forestry students will register for ten credit hours for Summer 2020. They are responsible for the tuition.

Transfer students must be accepted FIRST by the Auburn University Admissions Office for the Summer 2020 term, before being considered eligible to apply for the Summer 2020 Practicum.

For questions, please contact the School’s Office of Student Services at sfwssso@auburn.edu.

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