Sustainability is a core value of the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment as evidenced by its motto, “Working with Nature for Society’s Well Being.” As such, sustainability is considered to be a foundational goal of all CFWE research which studies climate change, efficiencies of timber harvesting and logistics, wildlife conservation and management, sustainable nature-based tourism, and the development of sustainable biomaterials.

Through these studies our faculty are influencing local, regional, and global policy regarding human-induced climate change and its impacts, developing sustainable natural resources management strategies, conserving wetlands and watersheds, understanding local landowner and stakeholder livelihoods and preferences, and increasing the availability of bio-based products which reduce fossil-fuel dependence.

We believe everything is founded and either directly or indirectly dependent on natural systems, and if they aren’t sustainably managed, the rest of the systems will eventually fail. Thus our research examines the relationships between humans and the environment – in particular linking biology and ecology with the economics, norms, policies, institutions and organizational aspects of society designed to achieve human well-being and assure a quality of life.

Featured photo of Akron Boys and Girls Club constructed by Rural Studio. Photo by Timothy Hursley.