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Lana Narine

Lana Narine

Assistant Professor, Geospatial Analytics

Office: 4329

Faculty website:
For a list of current publications, visit Google Scholar.

M.S., University of Missouri, Forestry
Ph.D., Texas A&M University, Ecosystem Science and Management

Expertise: Narine specializes in lidar remote sensing of vegetation structure, and GIS and remote sensing applications in natural resources and forestry.
Teaching Responsibilities: GIS Applications in Natural Resources and Applications in Environmental Informatics
Research Interests: Utilization of remotely sensed data for vegetation studies, with focus on light detection and ranging (lidar) data from sensors on airborne and spaceborne platforms, application of methods, including machine and deep learning, for estimating vegetation biophysical parameters, and development of approaches for characterizing ecosystem structure through geospatial analysis, using remote sensing and GIS.

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