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CFWE professor Christopher Lepczyk appointed to Ecological Society of America Publications Committee

By August 2, 2023No Comments

Christopher Lepczyk, Alumni Professor in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment, was recently appointed to serve on the Ecological Society of America, or ESA, Publications Committee. ESA is a nonprofit organization comprising over 9,000 members who participate in research, teaching and the application of ecological science to address environmental issues. The organization offers a wide range of publications, including peer-reviewed journals, newsletters, fact sheets and teaching resources.

“This appointment stands as a testament to Dr. Lepczyk’s profound influence within the scientific community. His dedication to advancing ecological research and addressing environmental challenges is truly commendable,” said Daowei Zhang, associate dean of research, Alumni and George W. Peake Professor in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment. 

The Publications Committee oversees publication activities and advises the Editors-in-Chief and Governing Board on publication strategy, assessing relevant publication metrics and recommending future projects, strategic initiatives and direction. Working in collaboration with Editors-in-Chief, ESA publications staff and the society’s publisher, the committee reviews journal operations and strategies, proposing changes to publication policy as needed. 

In his role on the committee, Lepczyk will work on behalf of the governing board to promote the dissemination of scholarly research through the journal publication program. The ESA advances the science and practice of ecology and supports ecologists throughout their careers. Their overarching vision centers around a future where scientific knowledge is embraced as a driving force in fostering a thriving and sustainable planet.

(Written by Allison Killingsworth)

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