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Hao Chen

Assistant Professor of Forest Genomics

Office: 4327

For a list of current publications, visit Google Scholar

Ph. D., North Carolina State University, 2017, Forestry
M.S., North Carolina State University, 2014
B.S., Shandong Agricultural University, 2011

Expertise: Dr. Chen has expertise in molecular, biochemical, genetic and genomic research, as well as the skill to integrate various omics data to model plant processes, including the transcriptional regulation of wood formation.
Research Interests: His current research focuses on the genetic regulation of wood cell wall biosynthesis using systematic approaches that integrate genetic/genomics, biotechnology, and bioinformatics. Alterations in wood cell wall components can significantly affect plant growth, resilience, and desirable wood products. With his work, Chen aims to identify specific breeding target genes that could be modified to develop forest trees with high productivity of cellulose-based biofuels and greater environmental resilience using gene-editing approach.

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