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Burak Aksoy

Associate Research Professor, Forest Products Development Center


For a current list of patents, visit
For a current list of publications, visit Research Gate.


B.S., Forest Product Engineering, Istanbul University;
M.S. and Ph.D.,  Chemical Engineering, Paper Engineering and Imaging, Western Michigan University;
MBA, Supply Chain Management, Auburn University.
Expertise: Novel products and chemicals development from renewable and sustainable bioresources with an environmental emphasis; technology deployment, bio-refinery, novel nano-material development and innovative applications, pulping, papermaking, and paper coatings.
Research Interests: Biomaterials and bio-polymers, bioactive material development, innovative packaging solution development, paper coatings, conversion of biomass into valuable products and chemicals, and nano-materials, plastic/bioplastic composites, bio-composites, nano-materials and nano-composites and 3D printing.

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