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Graeme Lockaby

Graeme Lockaby

Professor, Wetland Biogeochemistry and Environmental Health

Office: 3423

Director, Center for Environmental Studies at the Urban-Rural Interface (CESURI)
Faculty Website, B.Graeme Lockaby
For a list of current publications, visit Google Scholar.

BS, Clemson University, 1975, Forestry
MS, Clemson University, 1977, Forestry
PhD, Mississippi State University, 1981, Agronomy

Expertise: Lockaby is an expert in floodplain biogeochemistry and ecology, water quality, and environmental health.
Teaching Responsibilities: Forest Biogeochemistry, Research Methods
Research Interests: Biogeochemistry of Floodplain Forests; Decomposition, Relationships between Nutrient Circulation and NPP; Effects of Urban Sprawl on Water Quality, Biogeochemistry of Riparian Forests

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