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Online Courses

Course CodeCourse NameCredit HoursFallSpringSummer
FORY 7320Forest Growth, Silviculture, and Management3XX
FORY 7400Forest Valuation and Economics3X
FORY 7650Forest Operations and Wood Supply Chain Management3X
FORY 7620Forest Finance, Accounting and Taxation3X
FOWS 7200Disease Ecology3XX
FORY 7400Introduction to Public Health3X
FOWS 7300Current Topics in One Health1X
FOWS 7500Outbreaks to Pandemics: Emerging Infectious Diseases in a Modern World2X
FOWS 7210Restoration Ecology*3XX
WILD 6410Human-Wildlife Conflicts3X
FOWS 7220Forest History3X
FOWS 7230Forest Stand Dynamics3X
FOWS 7240Fire Ecology3X
FOWS 7250Longleaf Pine Ecology and Management3X
FOWS 5260/6260Forest Wetlands Restoration3
FOWS 7270Wetlands Policy3X
NATR 7300Natural Resource Management Fundamentals3XX
NATR 5350/6350Water Resource Management and Policy3X
FOWS 5450/6450Conflict and Collaboration in NRM3X
FOWS 5540/6640Environmental Law3X
FORY 5550/6550Property Law3X
FOWS 6270Natural Resource Policy3XX
NATR 6450Coastal Law3X

*May be offered in summer, but check with Online Program Coordinator for updated schedule.