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Areas of Support

To sustain innovative academic programs for the next generation, the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences relies heavily on the support of private donors.

Your investment in the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences (SFWS) supports:

Building a Sound Student Body

Students are the heart of Auburn’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Auburn University appeals to the brightest students whose presence strengthens the institution. In order to educate the best students, the SFWS must recruit the best students.

Your financial investment toward student expenses helps provide funds for deserving students who may be faced with financial challenges with the rising costs of a college education. Gifts for scholarships and fellowships are an investment in the future of Auburn’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences and an investment in the future of these bright students. The SFWS is committed to educating young students to become leaders in our communities who will drive innovation and contribute to the well-being of our society.

Students: We are able to compete for the best, most promising students through scholarships, fellowships, and other innovative initiatives. Your giving allows the SFWS to recruit students who bring leadership and intellectual capacity to our school.

Maintaining Exceptional Faculty

The School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences faculty members are the core of success in this school. The hard work the faculty engages in is unlike any other. They engage students in critical thinking along with instilling the concept of hard work and success in the nation’s top students. They are the force behind the men and women who will one day power our nation’s economy.

Faculty: We are able to attract first class instructors and researchers to provide our students with the highest quality education through faculty support such as endowed professorships and chairs.

The SFWS is dedicated to obtaining the funds needed to recruit and retain leading forestry and wildlife professors and researchers with demonstrated academic achievement. It is important that we continually increase our faculty support in order to maintain and appeal to exceptional faculty members.

An investment in faculty provides the SFWS a reliable source of funding for new faculty positions, salary enhancements and research support.

The school’s goals for faculty enhancement are structured within the university’s approved professorship endowment levels and include:

•   Named Endowed Presidential Chairs:         $6,000,000 each

•   Named Endowed Eminent Scholar Chairs:    $2,000,000 each

•   Named Endowed Professorships:                 $300,000 each

A respected college education extends outside the classroom. Experiences held out of the classroom enable students to use their knowledge in hands-on ways in real life situations. The programs of the School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences offer students exceptional opportunities to put what they’ve been taught in the classroom into practice while receiving an outstanding education at the same time.

Fostering Student Experiential Learning

Programs: We are able to provide experiential learning opportunities which greatly enhance our academic programs and better prepare our students for natural resources careers through private contributions.

Gifts that will support student programs create a number of opportunities such as:

•   Student competition teams and activities such as: Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANNRS), Forestry Conclave and Wildlife Conclave

•   Global Education Initiatives that offer opportunities for international study, internships and volunteer assignments in countries throughout the world.

Facilities: The SFWS has some of Auburn University’s most modern research and testing facilities.  These state-of-the-art facilities provide students, faculty, and the community with the finest environments for instruction, research, and hands-on learning.

To give to any of these important efforts in the form of cash, securities, real estate or to discuss in detail any gift you are considering, or for information on how to include the school in your estate planning, please contact our Office of Development at or (334) 844-1983.

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