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Declare or Change Your Major or Minor

If you would like to declare or change your major or minor to pursue a program in the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment, please complete one of the below forms:

You will be contacted by a member of the student services team to discuss the requirements of your new program.

Course Registration

Fall and Spring Registration

  • Time Tickets open the 1st Monday in April for Summer/Fall Registration
  • Time Tickets open the 1st Monday in November for Spring Registration

The Registrar’s office will assign your registration time ticket three weeks prior to registration. You will then be able to view your time ticket on your AU Access Academic Profile.

You will discuss your intended course registration with your academic advisor at your required academic advising meeting. Academic Advising begins one month prior to registration.

You will register for your classes using Tiger Scheduler.

You can access Tiger Scheduler at the top of the My Academics screen in AU Access.

Below are the basic steps for using Tiger Scheduler.  

  • Step 1: Select your registration term 
  • Step 2: Type in the courses you wish to take in that semester. 
  • Step 3: Schedules will populate in the schedule grid. Using the arrows at the top will navigate you through the different schedule options. 
  • Step 4: When you find a class at a time you would like, click on the course in the schedule grid. This will pin the course in place.  
  • Step 5: Once you have pinned all the classes, you can name the schedule and save it to your favorites. It is highly recommended that you also create and save backup schedules. 
  • Step 6:  At your registration date and time, navigate to your preferred saved schedule and select “Get this Schedule.”
  • Step 7: Click on “Do Actions” 

Your registration results will be displayed! If you are unable to register or waitlist for a course, an explanation will be provided explaining why registration was not successful.  

Graduation Audit

Every undergraduate student within the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment is required to complete a graduation audit.   

When should I make an appointment for my graduation audit? 

You should complete your graduation audit at least one semester before graduating.  

If you are graduating in the summer or fall, you should complete your graduation audit between January and March. If you graduate in the spring, you should complete your graduation audit between August and October. 

How do I make an appointment for my graduation audit? 

You will schedule an appointment with Ginger Donaldson using Advise Assist.

If your major is either of the below, contact Ginger Donaldson:

  • Geospatial & Environmental Informatics
  • Sustainable Biomaterials & Packaging

If your major is one of the below, contact Ginger Donaldson:

  • Forestry
  • Natural Resource Management
  • Wildlife Ecology & Management
  • Wildlife Enterprise Management
  • Wildlife Sciences Pre-Vet

Tutoring Resources

Study Partners Tutoring:

Study Partners allows you to schedule free one-on-one tutoring appointments that take place at a day and time that is agreed upon by the student and the tutor.

Supplemental Instruction:

Supplemental Instruction allows you the opportunity to engage in active learning to improve retention, discuss complex topics, and prepare for tests.

Math Tutoring Center:

The Math Tutoring Center is here to help you polish your mathematic skills.  They offer guidance for all the mathematics courses required within your CFWE major.

Miller Writing Center:

The Miller Writing center wants to help you become a better writer and communicator.  Their staff can help you with any kind of writing, at any point in the writing process.

Academic Coaching:

Academic Coaching is a personalized partnership designed to support you in meeting your academic goals. You and your coach work together to develop realistic and workable plans to achieve your vision of success in college.

Auburn University is committed to providing its students with an accessible campus and equitable learning environment. If you have a disability that requires reasonable academic accommodations, assistive technology or support services, contact the Office of Accessibility for additional information at 1228 Haley Center or call 334-844-2096 or visit .

Meet Our Advisors

denise cole

Michelle Cole

Academic Administrator III

Office: 2222
Lucas Carroll

Lucas Carroll

Student Services Coordinator

Office: 2223
Ginger Donaldson

Ginger Donaldson

Director, Student Services

Office: 2221
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