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Scott Enebak

Scott Enebak

Dwain G. Luce Professor, Plant Pathology

Office: 3301A

Director,“>Southern Forest Nursery Management Cooperative

BS, University of Minnesota 1984, Forestry/Silviculture
MS, University of Minnesota, 1988, Plant Pathology
PhD, West Virginia University, 1992, Plant Pathology

Expertise: Enebak is an expert in forest pathology, mycology, forest regeneration and forest-seedling production systems.
Teaching Responsibilities: Forest Biology, Forest Health and Protection, Forest Regeneration and Seedling Production
Research Interests: Examining methods to increase seed efficiency in the production of forest tree seedlings, developing integrated pest management programs for pest control, understanding the effects of climate change on reforestation efforts and using biocontrol agents to minimize insect and disease outbreaks.

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