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Edward Loewenstein

Edward Loewenstein

Associate Professor, Silviculture

Office: 3211

For a list of current publications, visit Google Scholar.

BS, Southern Illinois University, 1985, Forest Resource Management
MS, Auburn University, 1992, Forest Biology
PhD, University of Missouri, 1996, Silviculture

Expertise: Loewenstein is an expert in the areas of uneven-aged forest management (selection silviculture), silvics, natural regeneration, and the ecology and silviculture of oaks.
Teaching Responsibilities: Forest Biology, Silviculture; Senior Capstone Project, and Ecology and Silviculture of Eastern Hardwood Forests.
Research Interests: Uneven-aged silvicultural systems. Hardwood silviculture. Canopy dynamics. Temporal effects of thinning on light in the understory. Stand stocking and growing space allocation.

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